Sterilisation & Reversal

Reversal of sterilisation is a surgical procedure performed to restore your fertility after you have had a sterilisation operation. A procedure that attempts to reconnect the fallopian tubes.

Sterilisation & Reversal

Female sterilisation is considered to be a permanent form of contraception, but it can be reversed. Women who have been sterilised using clips are likely to have the best chance of success. Women who have had a sterilisation operation where the tubes have been removed cannot have a reversal. All women requesting a reversal of sterilisation are treated with a totally non-judgemental attitude. No one can predict what is to happen in their lives and this service is offered to help individuals become fertile again.

Reversal of sterilisation are most successful in women who had Filshie clips applied at the time of their sterilisation.

Main factors affecting success rates are:

  • A woman's age
  • Condition of the tubes
  • Regularity of the menstrual cycle
  • Fertility of partner

A problem with another part of the reproductive system

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