General Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a specialized branch of surgery that treats deformities of the face and body. Plastic surgery or Reconstructive surgery is founded in restoring form and function of the body, from head to toe. This surgery is aimed at correcting abnormalities arising from birth defect, accident or health condition.

From newborns to elderly, our well trained plastic surgeons treat people of all ages with facial or body tissue defects due to birth disorders, trauma or illness.

The latest technologies and techniques in plastic surgery such as lasers, have replaced the extensive surgery procedures of the past, that would make recovery prolonged. A variety of tools and techniques, used by plastic surgeons in the current day makes plastic and cosmetic surgeries more accessible and affordable.


Plastic surgeons are uniquely trained to restore the human body from head to toe, whether the deformity is caused by trauma, cancer, congenital abnormality, previous surgery, or age.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

The main focus of Plastic surgery is to set right defects so as to reconstruct to provide a natural appearance and restore normal functions of the body part that is being operated upon.

It is defined as a surgical specialty that involves the reconstruction of facial and body flaws due to birth, burns, diseases and trauma.

The goal of plastic surgery is to reconstruct and enable dysfunctional body parts to function in their normal and natural mode.

  • Some Plastic Surgery Procedures
  • Burn Repair Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Reconstruction of Breasts (after a mastectomy; also involves enhancement and reduction)
  • Repair of Congenital Defects – reconstruction and repair of cleft palate, repair of extremity defects (extra digital appendages and so on)
  • Reconstruction of Lower Extremities
  • Scar Revision Surgery
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