Recanalisation Procedures

Minimally invasive laparoscopic microsurgery has introduced a new dimension for tubal reconstruction as the magnification obtained is similar to that obtained with an operating microscope. The major advantage is short postoperative stay duration with minimal tissue handling, less postoperative adhesions.

Recanalization Procedure

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The important factors determining the success of recanalization are technique of sterilization and the remaining length of the tube after recanalization. The gynecologist must use an effective technique of sterilization to minimize the failure rates, but at the same time, which causes minimal trauma, and aim at preserving the length of the tube so that reversal is more likely to be successful, should the patient's circumstances change.


  • To assess the suitability for reversal and analyze the factors predicting successful laparoscopic recanalization
  • The safety of laparoscopic tubal sterilization reversal
  • To assess the fertility outcome after laparoscopic sterilization reversal procedure
  • To analyse the factors affecting pregnancy rate after a successful recanalization
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