Things you should know about Lipo suction

Lipo suction is one of the most selected surgeries by people because of its advantages. Are you planning on getting one among them? Consult our Plastic Surgery Specialists in Hyderabad at Harsha Hospitals. When it comes to medical procedures there are a lot of things that are being shared in the news and online. Most of the info which is been shared is fake or old news that should be ignored. One should start believing the facts about plastic and cosmetic surgeries and their advantages

There are so many types of lipo suctions:

There are various kinds of lipo suctions surgeries available and people can choose the one which is suitable for their body and personality. Get the best body correction with the Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad. Let us clearly understand the types of Lipo suctions first

  • 360- degree lipo: This is the type of lipo suction that is done for the stomach, hips, and back. It actually focuses on the removal of fat from the entire midsection
  • Six-pack abs: It is known as abdominal etching. It will create abdominal lines which are quite similar to six-pack
  • Vaser Hi-def: It is a very advanced technique of fat removal which helps in getting rid of fat cells. It probably leaves a thin layer of fat In the body for an attractive look
  • Laser-assisted: We use a laser to liquefy the fat cells which are then inhaled out

So, what kind of Lipo is right for the patient is determined by the choice of the patient and the targeted goals which they are thinking about. Shape your body to the right levels with the best Plastic Surgery in Medchal, Hyderabad. Get the right choice with Harsha Hospitals Hyderabad

Fit people can also get lipo:

It is important to make sure that lipo is not only for the people who are obese and have a higher BMI index. Anyone can get this liposuction done as it helps in achieving and striving for the body goals to maintain a healthy life style and good and fit health. The reason behind this can be genetics, health, and a healthy life style. In such other conditions, we will always have liposuction and get the desired body and shape that we have dreamt of. Harsha Hospitals Hyderabad offers the best and good care for those opting for lipo suction service and hence Harsha has the Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad

No, it is not a weight loss program:

Lipo suction does not work as strive for weight loss program or something. It is not a replacement for your healthy diet or gym activity. Lipo suction is done on people who are near to the ideal body weight and have fat cells accumulated at various parts of the body. Everyone should be aware that it is not the weight loss program and it’s a contouring program that will help in removing the excess fat from a few places of the body and attain a proper shape

How long is recovery?

A Hospital stay is not much necessary, depending on the type of surgery you had. But general bruising, swelling, soreness at least for some days. The Plastic Surgery Specialists in Hyderabad take good care of the patients after surgery and make sure to handle the patients even after the recovery period. To prevent the necessary infection you will probably have to take antibiotics. Most people can easily return to work within a few days and get back to work by resuming normal activities

Are the results permanent?

The fat cells are removed permanently after lipo suction surgery. But the weight can be regained back with new fat cells which usually goes to different areas of the body To maintain the same shape after surgery, a proper diet is included with lots of protein, fruits, and vegetables, and exercise is maintained regularly

Why Harsha Hospitals?

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