General Plastic Surgery – Procedures and Benefits

Plastic Surgery is a medical procedure that is used to reconstruct defective body parts. Plastic Surgery is performed for people who have defects in the body from birth. And also people who have burn scars and disease needs plastic surgery. Plastic Surgeries are usually meant for reconstructive purposes and have medical reasons, unlike cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is completely elective. But Plastic Surgeries are doctors recommended for better functionality of the body part. And plastic surgery can also be elective when people themselves need to enhance their appearance through the procedure. Harsha Hospitals offers the best General Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad.

Are Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery the same?

Plastic Surgeries and Cosmetic Surgeries are entirely different. Plastic surgeries are often described as reconstructive surgeries. Cosmetic Surgeries are not reconstructive but enhance beauty and appearance with medical support. Cosmetic Surgeries are completely elective and have no medical reasons or importance. But Plastic or Reconstructive surgery is performed for medical reasons. These Plastic surgeries are performed to reconstruct the defective part of the body and improve the parts functioning through the surgery process, Plastic surgeries are often prescribed by doctors for a better life. Many doctors who perform plastic surgeries can also perform cosmetic surgeries too. Harsha Hospitals have both cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Specialists in Hyderabad

Types of Plastic Surgeries:
  1. Burn Repair Surgery
  2. Hand Surgery
  3. Breast Reconstruction
  4. Scar Revision Surgery
  5. Cleft palate and Extremity Defect Repair
Burn Repair Surgery:

This is one procedure that will be done on the individual who has initial wounds from an accident or burns after the wounds healed. This Procedure should be performed by a certified plastic surgeon.

Hand Surgery:

Plastic Surgery on the hands will be performed in order to restore the function of the fingers and hands. Reconstructive surgeries make the hand look normal after injuries.

Breast Reconstruction:

Breast Reconstruction surgery is done for either enhancement or reduction. This surgery also involves implant-based reconstruction. This surgery is done for women after mastectomy.

Scar Revision Surgery:

As the name suggests, this procedure is performed to reduce the appearance of the scar and also restore the function of the body part.

Cleft palate and Extremity Defect Repair:

A cleft palate surgery is called Palatoplasty. It is usually done for kids who are 10-12 months old. This Cleft palate and Extremity Defect Repair helps in preventing food and liquid leakage from the nose.

Is Plastic Surgery Painful?

Pain is inevitable in any type of surgery. Surgery will be done with local anesthesia support to reduce the pain. But after surgery some amount of discomfort and pain is normal. Doctors will suggest you a pain killer for relief if you have unbearable pain. With the advancement of technology in the medical field, pain has been significantly reduced in plastic surgeries. But temporary swelling and bruising are unavoidable for a few days after the procedure.

Benefits of Plastic Surgeries:
  1. Better functioning for defective parts
  2. Weight reduction
  3. Confidence
  4. Physical appearance
  5. Reduces Depression
Lasers in Plastic Surgery:

With all the latest developments and advancements in technology Laser is the new tool in any branch of the medical field. There are many useful applications for lasers in plastic surgery. Lasers are now used to treat pigmented lesions and also primary and metastatic cutaneous malignancies. And lasers in cosmetic surgery also have a wide range of applications such as wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing, and unwanted hair.

Plastic Surgery’s main aim is to restore the function of the body part to normal mode. Plastic Surgeries are beneficial and as well as has their flaws too. All you need to do is consult an experienced surgeon, choosing the right doctor reduces the chances of side effects and flaws.

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